'Poker Face'

Casino baron Frank lent us his pride and joy ‘Poker Face’ for a quick photo shoot by Merry Michau at our local airfield.

The 10 year old bike was discovered under a dust sheet in another customers warehouse, with only 14 miles on the clock. It had been bought, but never registered. With no documentation at all, the 2 month long saga with the DVLA was a mind numbing experience, but eventually all was sorted and work began.

The front wheel was evicted and replaced with a rear section wheel machined to take the disc and allow the same oversize rubber both ends. The yokes were widened to 8 inch centres to deal with the fat tyre. The rear subframe was chopped behind the shock hanger and the shocks replaced with lower ‘progressive’ units as were the front forks.

The original seat base was cut down and re-foamed and then given the ‘tuck and roll’ treatment by Seat Pete. All the handlebar controls were stripped back and mostly replaced with Motogadget units, as were the clocks, which were swapped out for a totally minimal Motogadget digital readout.

Breathing was a bit tricky to resolve as the ‘hot rod’ air trumpet breathed way too freely, but the measuring spoon baffle soon sorted the mid range pull.

Frank art directed the paint scheme with our demon painter Dennis at D-Lucks and Dennis named the beast! It’s a hoot to ride and really turns heads, but turning corners is another deal altogether with the square section rubber!!