Foundry Motorcycle One Day Workshops

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Foundry Motorcycle One Day Workshops

A rare opportunity to work in a custom build workshop and to get as much information from Tom about your own bike/build. The outline of the day is below, but in summary you will get a chance to learn more about your bike and to make use of Toms’ knowledge and tools. (health and safety disclaimer to be signed !).



This “hands on” workshop run by Tom of Foundry Motorcycle, specifically aimed at custom and classic motorcycles, will teach you how to carry out the all-important, routine safety checks as well as how to perform basic service procedures allowing you to enjoy your pride and joy.

There will be no white board, no speeches, no name badges and no homework.

Just you, your bike and the use of the workshop. Tom’s undivided attention along with getting your hands dirty, and unlimited coffee.

Spaces are limited to 4 persons/bikes per session, we’ll check and change your oil and filters, tension chains and belts and we will give your brake system a good going over, delve into model specific details and as you’ll be in a bespoke bike building workshop it’d be rude not to discuss customisation options.

Not so basic rations and refreshments will be provided and if time allows we’ll play with some more entertaining tools.

We will need you to supply details of your bike or pop in for a quick reccie before the event to enable us to gather relevant parts.

Alongside the gaining of some valuable motorcycle knowledge, the aim of the day will be to have some fun in the interesting and social environment that is Foundry Motorcycle!

If you have any questions or specific requests, please get in touch.

Full day workshop cost is £125 per person/bike plus any parts required.

Look under ONLINE SHOP to book a place.