Moto Guzzi Roughneck 750

Donor: Moto Guzzi 750 XPA | Year: 1994 | Style: Tracker | Engine Size: 750cc   Photos: @marvophoto 
Price: SOLD
Introducing the Moto Guzzi "Roughneck" 750 Tracker.  Rather than go down our usual route of total strip down, rebuild, re-style, detail, paint, polish, etc etc... We thought we'd have a little cost effective fun and give a new lease of life to a mechanically great but in XPA guise, a very dull looking machine. The donor Guzzi was sourced from the personal collection of local Guzzi specialist Moto Euro and knowing that everything worked as it should the decision was made to enjoy ourselves giving it an all steel make over. A 70's Honda tank complete with battle scars is the only body part not made in house. Front and rear fenders, side panels, frame hoop and headlight cowl were all created on our metal working bench. One stubby stainless, silicone coated silencer gives a lovely, mellow burble without annoying your neighbours. A new seat base was made and given to @trimdeluxe to cover in some gorgeous Oxblood Horween leather. Terry @thesigncompany gave us some great detailing with the explorer theme and finally all exposed steel was given a serious ceramic coating by our friends and neighbours @waxisdead.
A blast to ride, this Guzzi will be supplied to its new owner with a fresh MOT and fresh oil. If you fancy a new summer steed, give us a call and the "Roughneck" could be yours!


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