SnowQuake & The Deus Swank Rally 2018


SnowQuake is now in its third season, and for those of you who want to start your riding event calendar as early as possible in the year, then this is where it begins. The event has been an enormous success over the past three years, with its Summer counterpart DirtQuake drawing in rider, spectator’s and the odd celebrity from all over the world to watch a mixture of professional and amateur riders tear it round the Kings Lynn Stars speedway track.

The Ice Rosa Ring in the Italian Alps hosts SnowQuake, and although we where unable to make it this year, the guys over at Hedon asked us to build a bike they could take out there to race, so here it is…once a 1979 Ossa TR77 trials bike, now a lightweight, 350cc 2-Stroke ice racer. Hedon called on some expertise in the form of DTRA rider, Grant Martin to put the bike through its paces in the Vintage class as well as entering his other half, Caylee Hankins into The Deus Swank Rally.

Photos: Myk Romanovsky


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