Warrior Men's Jeans - Blue Black

Resurgence Gear Inc.

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  • 60% PEKEV Lite coverage
  • Abrasion resistance rating of 5.21 seconds
  • 11oz stretch Promodal outer denim
  • Thinner and lighter than standard PEKEV
  • 50% cooler than traditional denim
  • Anti bacteria and softening agents in denim
  • Wicking comfort inner mesh
  • Height adjustable knee, and hip armour pockets
  • Available in men's and women's styles
  • Skinny leg cut and high waist for ladies

    PEKEV Lite

    Introducing the latest fabric utilised by Resurgence Gear, is PEKEV Lite. As the perfect alternative to aramid, PEKEV Lite jeans have been designed to be the world's best lightweight protection offering both strength and comfort to the rider.

    Ensuring that impact, abrasion, and motion cut resistance are maintained, the creators have managed to combine strength with a lightweight product. Along with safety, the style of the motorcycle clothing remains a key factor, ensuring that the tailoring is to the highest standard for an excellent fit.

    With PEKEV Lite, technology, comfort and style have been fused together.


    • Lighter and thinner than standard PEKEV
    • CE Level 1 abrasion test result of 5.21 seconds
    • Inner comfort wicking mesh
    • Dual layer and cross stitching for exceptional strength
    • Up to 20 times more lifespan compared to other brands
    • Durable against bleach, UV, heat dispersion, moisture, detergents, and ionic enzyme washing